Santosh Kumar Singh

How to show image in repeater control dynamically?

How to show image in repeater control dynamically? I also want to add hyperlink at runtime in repeater control using

Posted in ASP & ASP.Net, asked by Santosh Kumar Singh, 4 years ago. 8040 hits.

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Are you really want answer of your question or just you raised the thread? If you wish to get the answer (I hope you don't know there the answer thats is why you asked) you should asked in programming website like, or

You are the senior member here so dont raise this topic. if your really want to get answer else your wish.

I can say 6 month old kid in can give answer of the question. and I am sure you know the answer of this question.

4 years ago


Santosh sir i also have no idea of this question so can't answer it.Sorry

jasmeet singh
4 years ago


dnt know

Aakash Agarwal
one year ago
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