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Electricity has become prime necessity and hence the modern life without electricity is unthinkable. But let us assume there is no electricity or even generator. Then we shall have to make changes as under:

(1) We shall have to work in day light and take food in day time. If some light is unavoidable, we may use candles.

(2) Instead of ceiling fan and air conditioner/ air cooler, we shall have to maintain some open space in fron or behind built in area. The open air must be unfloored and contain some plants or trees. The ground must be sprinkled with water before you sleep. Instead of electricity aided air, you must depend on natural breeze. The wet ground will give you refreshing amd cool air.

(3) You have to work without refrigerator. Do away with habit of cooking extra food and preserving in refrigerator. Instead cook only as much food as you can eat at a time.  also use pitcher for cool water as r4efergerated water is no more.

(4) If you are rich enough,  you may use broad cloth fan tied to a rope that will work by pulling the rope tto and fro. You may engage some servant for the purpose. hand fans will also serve the purpose. The rich may engage service of serevants while they take food.

(5) Without electricity, you will have to go without computer and most of entertainment gagdets like T.V. and Radio. This will help the traditional avenues like Madari (one who demonstrates play of monkey and bear)

Just think and enlarge the list.


Gulshan Kumar Ajmani
4 years ago


I am afraid of re-winding my life to the days when we do not had electricity in our house. Being from a village, it was late to get the electrical connection. However, the condition is beyond my imagination. I can't think of keeping myself away from my computers.

Advancement of science would come to an halt if there is no electricity.

Baby Bora
4 years ago


It wasn't that difficult in the early day to live without electricity.The breeze was cool and the oxygen was fresh in early years.So there was no need of fan.There wasn't any electronic products such as TV,IPOD,MP3 Player,Fridge,Mixie etc....But with all these technological advancement and high pollution...It will be very difficult to live without electricity.

Arun Vignesh
4 years ago


It is actually unimaginable to live without electricity but not entirely impossible!! Install solar panels for entire house's power requirements, ie, for lighting, heating water, appliances etc. Use solar cooker for cooking in place of Ovens and you are there!!

For more innovative purposes, install a windmill on top of your house!! :)

Kalyani Nandurkar
4 years ago


Hello Readers, according to me this question is very interesting and the answer should also be so much interesting. Electricity is just like a process in which electric charge flows and current produced.

Electricity is one of the most important household item which become the very useful part of life from last more than 50 years.


 The real answer of this question is only can be given by those people who lived without electricity before our birth or we can say before 100 years.

 We also had a lot of experience regarding living without electricity when power got failure due to some storms and other physical hazards. Without electricity our life will be totally different. If there will be no electricity in our country for one month or some days then everything will get stop.

 These are some things which will e no more beneficial if there is no electricity.

DVD Players, rconditioners/Fans/Heaters, lifts, EFTPOS, credit cards or ATMs (yikes!), Phones TV, Playstation / Xbox / Wii, Fridge, Freezer, Computers, Internet etc.

Its very hard to think life without electricity. Before electricity in world, when sun went down people go to sleep. If there is no electricity then we can use match box, candles but these are limited options. we can't imagine our life without electricity. If there will be no electricity then we will get back to the stage of our grandparent's childhood.

I think we should use solar panels and solar items which can provide us electricity and saves energy. We should emit electricity at our own home with the use of solar items.

If there is no electricity then everything which works through electricity will stop work, our complete life style will get change.




 Lohit Seth

Lohit Seth
4 years ago


In today's culture, electricity is a vital part of functioning as a society. Simple tasks, such as waking up at a designated time or enjoying a piece of music, are accomplished currently via electronic means. One only needs to consider the consequences of a relatively short power outage – factories close down, phones and computers go dead, traffic slows to a crawl, food spoils in refrigerators – to accurately observe how power-dependent our society has become. However, electricity is a constantly developing technology, and the aspects one currently associates with electricity and electricity generation are nowhere close to the original features. In the past century and a half, electricity has steadily evolved from a scientific curiosity, to a luxury of the affluent, to a modern need. Along the way, it has been shaped by a variety of non-technological factors: economic, political, social, and environmental, to name a few.

4 years ago


Nice question karthikeyan but the answer will almost be same but in different way..

Many time we do not think what will happen if electricity is not Saved. People just think that there are many sources for generating eletricity then why can not we enjoy it to full extent. But the truth is though electricity has different source only some sources are usable and in India Coal is the major source other than water..However there is no question of Solar generated power as the equipment cost is expensive and still lot of research in needed to develop solar power..


But the point here is what happens without powers..nothing but it is unpredicable situation maybe a disaster..As most of us are used to electricity if it is not there nothing can be done even i can not Logon to Boddunnan.comEven people who have not known what electricity is are now used to it..as most of the backward areas and villages have electricity to connect with world..

Though power cuts can be bareable, completely staying without power is not bareable and we have to release that. and think for future..

Rajani K
4 years ago


This is a question which makes us scared,

Think about it. Life would be sweeter, simpler and less demanding.

We would once again have to use candles for light and walk next door to talk to our neighbors. We would cook over an open flame all day and have dinner and conversations with our children and husbands every day. Maybe even multiple times a day!

With the invention of electricity, we have become very lazy. We should all be thankful for it. I think it would be a very interesting experiment to try to live without electricity over a certain period of time.

Without electricity the whole world be dark in the night. Without it all the factories, companies, computers would not be working .

There will be many uncurable diseases because most of the diseases are treated through surgeries which need electronic machines. There is a positive point also that there would be no nuclear weapons as they are made for a bad purpose.

4 years ago


I wish to say another thing.Have you really asked about the electricity in general ?

It is easy to live without electricity.For this we should have born in a place where there is no electricity.That world will have all the innocence of a village.They will not be much exposed to other worlds and its merits and demerits.Internet , TV etc would not have worstened them.

In my childhood there were days for which electricity goes off.We feel inconvenience in such occations as we have made it an essential thing of our daily life.But inventions are made for human's prosperity and convenience.Then why should we go back to that dark ages?

Abid Areacode
4 years ago
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