Windows XP Useful Tips

Skaria Jithesh
Written by Skaria Jithesh. Posted in New Technologies on 14 September 2009.
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Some very useful Windows XP Tips:


Remove MSN Messenger


1) Go to Run and type gpedit.msc

2) Go to Computer Configuration -> Administrative templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Messenger

3) Right click on "Do not allow Windows Messenger to be Run" -> Click on properties -> Click Enabled, if you do not want to run Windows Messenger.

4) If you do not want to run Windows Messenger at start up just right click on "Do not automatically start windows messenger initially" and enabled it.


Disable the Error Reporting Message


1) Go to Control Panel -> Performance and Maintenance -> System

2) Click on the advanced tab

3) Click on the command Button "Error Reporting" which you can find at the bottom of the "System Properties" form

4) Click the radio button Disable "Error reporting"


Stop Password Expiration Message


1) Run -> type control userpasswords2

2) User Account -> Advanced tab

3) Click the Advance Button in "Advanced User Management"

4) Select the users and groups

5) right-click the user name for which you want to change ->Properties

6) Click the check box "Password never expires" on the General tab




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