Digital System

Written by T ARUNKUMAR. Posted in Engineering on 22 August 2009.
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Digital system is a system, which processes digital singals. It is a combination of devices to perform logical information (or) physical quantities that are represented in digital form.

Examples : Calculator, Digital Computer are few examples of Digital System.


  • Digital systems are easier to design: Any digital system can be constructed by using switching circuits. The switching circuits have two values. They are LOW and HIGH (or) ON and OFF
  • Digital information storage is easy: Special digital devices and circuits can be used to store digital data and hold it for as long as necessary, Flip Flops(FF) are used to store the digital information
  • Accuracy and Precision are greater to the analog system: Digital systems can handle as many digits of precision as you need simply by adding more switching circuits.
  • Digital circuits are less affected by noise: The flucutations in voltage or unhwanted voltages are not critica in digital systems because the exact value of a voltage is not important, some fluctuation is allowed between two voltage levels.
  • More digital circuitry can be fabricated on IC chips.





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