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Written by deven rana. Posted in English Language on 26 December 2011.
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  • What is a resume? What are the various elements of a resume?

A resume is a sheet which lists details about you and your qualifications. It is a selective record of an individual’s personal and professional background. It is a professional employment seeking document that presents a summary of an individual’s academic background, professional dimension, skills, abilities, achievements, etc. it is like a mirror which shows how an individual’s talents and abilities can be helpful for the concerned organisation. It actually introduction the individual seeking job to the employer. Resume is the first impression of an individual seeking job to the employer. Resume is the first impression of an individual. So it should be very catchy and attractive.

The various elements of a resume are:

  1. 1.Personal details
  2. 2.Academic background
  3. 3.Specialized training, if any
  4. 4.Projects undertaken, if any
  5. 5.Special honours and distinctions
  6. 6.Qualities which make you suitable for the job
  7. 7.References
  • What are the salient features of a resume?

A resume mirrors the complete personality of an individual. Or we can say, a resume is the very first interaction of an individual with the employer. It is a selective record of an individual’s personal details, academics details, professional details, skills and abilities that make him suitable for the job. The salient features of a resume are:

  • It is complete, factual and objective
  • Style is simple and elegant
  • Preciseness and conciseness is maintained
  • It is free from grammatical and punctuation errors
  • Consistency of phrasing is maintained


Example of a resume is shown below:

Mohit sharma

S- 18, Sector 14



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Position sought :   Technical executive

  1. :   To contribute to the growth of the company by working in a challenging environment

Professional experience : Working as a technical support officer in pinnacle, Gurgaon since june 05 till date

Academic profile: in mechanical engineering with first division from suryanath institute of engineering and technology 2005

Special skills: profident in ms-dos, Microsoft windows etc.

                      Can speak german

                       Excellent communication skills

Interests : playing tennis, books

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