Is encouraging begging is good or not?

Santosh Kumar Singh
Written by Santosh Kumar Singh. Posted in General Reference on 08 January 2010.
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When I was small Many times I don’t have any money with me I don’t know how to help without money. So some times I used to save money and help the poor people who are begging.

At that time I don’t know whether to encourage the begging or not. But i used to help people. Then after grown up I used give money only for the old people who are begging and some handicaps.. Usually avoided giving for the children who are begging is the signals. Even I am helping in all the others way I can.

But I Think don’t encourage children. we don’t want India to be a country of beggars

yes, still more people under poverty but giving money s not a solution.

I saw lot of people who are capable to do job but they like to become beggar that is not a good thing.

If we give money to young person it means we  are encouraging  them to begging so if person are old then we can help otherwise we do not need to give money to them.

So I request you to all please do not encourage them.

Santosh Kumar Singh

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