A Poem For My Daughter

Monalisa Mahapatra
Written by Monalisa Mahapatra. Posted in Stories & Tales on 27 December 2010.
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When I lay down and close my eyes,

I see your face and tell myself lies.

I love your words and love your smile,

Love your walk and love your style.

As the sun rises in the eastern blue

I woke up seeing your rosy hue.

The day you came to my home

Some were happy and sad turned some.

I don’t care what others say,

I love you then ,I love you this day.

Try to love those who love you,

And try to care for those who don’t love you too .

Be a moon in the deep dark sky,

Show the path to the passer by.

Glow and glow with days passing on,

Be healthy and be strong.

Live life like a bee lives.

As she saves  for others

and never count what she gives.



Monalisa Mahapatra

Author: Monalisa Mahapatra

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