The sculpture of drought

De-graft Afful Jr.
Written by De-graft Afful Jr.. Posted in Social Life on 23 November 2009.
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There is a literary toxin to

slows down my biceps of fluency,

A grim behemacy,

a hazy wall, unseen but powerful

that plunders my ideas into oblivion


But as my mind witnesses this

theft, it can do nothing

but seek an oasis where it shall

come back to life


My passion for the ink increases

but a strange weevil of literature,

bores into my neurones,

and suck my imagery like a tick


You call it writer's block,

I call it literary friction,

I need a book, a lubricant of literature

maybe Hard Times, by Charles Dickens

to enrich my mind

which now becomes impoverished

and is tempted

to dive into the dry pool

of apparent repetition.

                                           By Kakraba Afful

De-graft Afful Jr.

Author: De-graft Afful Jr.

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I am an eighteen year old writer, who wants to be recognized worldwide for my writing. I currently live in Utah, Orem. I LOVE writing....
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