Tribute to danger

De-graft Afful Jr.
Written by De-graft Afful Jr.. Posted in Social Life on 24 November 2009.
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Wearing a jacket of piranhas

he seemed to be friends with risk,

dancing in a furnace,

sitting on a bear trap,

sleeping in a compressor

but he was reached for the diamond

in the fangs of cobra


He drank the venom of an adder,

dueted with the sharks,

swam in a pool of eels

and kiss falling guilotines,

guess what?

he never died,

the adrenalin of possiblity

had made him wear

a garment of perpetuity,

he was danger

and he feared no risk.

                                          By Kakraba Afful

De-graft Afful Jr.

Author: De-graft Afful Jr.

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