Java Puzzle - Problem of Two Developers

Written by Maverick. Posted in Java & J2EE on 07 April 2009.
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John has written the following program which prints the below message.

"I am developer 1
You are developer 2"

public class Main {
public static void main(String[] args){
System.out.println("I am --> "+Programmers.Developer1.getMyName());
System.out.println("You are --> "+Programmers.Developer2.getMyName());
class Programmers{
static class Developer1{
static String getMyName(){
return "Developer 1";
    static class Developer2{
static String getMyName(){
return "Developer 2";

requirements has changed and he has to print the below message.

"I am developer 2
You are developer 1"

The specifications/rules are given as below:
1) The solution should be done with minimal changes
2) No modifications are allowed to the Main, Developer1 and Developer2 classes

Try if you can do it. Else watch this space for the answer soon...


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