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  • Favorite songs of actress Helen

    Helen is one dancer/actress probably loved by all ..She has had some of the most melodious songs picturised on her. Although Asha Bhosle was known as her voice , Lata too has...
  • A talent you would love to have...

    All persons have talents, may be one or many. Writing, drawing, dancing, singing, acting etc...... It's true a person can never have all talents. I don't know drawing, though I...
  • Movies which gave you nostalgic feeling in the recent times

    In the recent times, Malayalam movies have realized the need to go back to glorious yesterdays, and many movies are made based on this subject. When I tried to choose a few best...
  • What's the biggest failure in one's life?

    Is it failure to achieve the biggest dream of one's life? Or failure in relationships or anything else? How will you define it?
  • Who would you choose as co-star?

    It's only a humour question. If you are given an option to star in a Bollywood or regional film in a lead role. Who would you choose as your co-star (of opposite sex)? You can...
  • India fails again in international beauty peagants

    During the period 1994-2000 India marked its name in the world map of fashion industry with two Miss Universe, three Miss World, One Acia Pacific and a few more. In the past 16...
  • Films promoting regional dialects to earn big at box office

    Earlier in the 1990s, different dialects of Tamil have been successfully used in Tamil cinema (in a serious mode, and not for creating comedy scenes), mostly to show movies based...
  • Definition of monsoon in poetric or philosophical thought....

    Monsoon (or simply rain) - I like rainy season most. Nature refreshes itself and looks most beautiful soon after rain. If you carry a poet or poetess in your mind, how will you...
  • Do you judge people?

    If we live in a society, it's not easy to stay isolated. We communicate with people, and based on the experiences we judge people, basically it's human trait. But it's possible...
  • Your favourite ISL Football team

    I am not an ardent fan of football, and not aware of players associated with each team. But ever since Kerala Blasters started performing, after a few early setbacks, I started...
  • Living with expectations or????

    It's true, a few expectations keep every human life going. But at several occasions, situations push him to dilemma. His mind will be confused and events prompt him to live in...
  • If you write a novel or direct a movie

    Life can change at any moment of time, and you can write a book or direct a movie as well. I am sure, at least a few of you dream to write a book. Just imagine, If you write a...
  • A word on your favourite toy during childhood days

    In the recent movie I watched - Hello Zindagi, it's mentioned about the favourite toy of childhood. During the summer vacation after standard 2, my aunt presented me a beautiful...
  • Favourite day of the week and favourite month of the year?

    I like weekends most. I can stay awake still late nights and sleep till 10 am or 11 on Saturdays and Sundays (holiday for my daughter). Among all months, I like Onam month most...
  • Micro chip instead of mobile

    I often imagine, in future, micro chips placed inside wrists may replace mobiles. Nowadays, men spent most of his time with mobiles, and it's associated with profession also. So...
  • Freedom after Marriage

    Question 1: Both men and women complain the same thing - I lost my freedom after marriage. What do you think about it? Who is correct and who is wrong? Who enjoys more...
  • What makes you angry most?

    Perhaps telling lies make me angry most, and that too only if told by my dear ones who I believe most. I may withstand a wrong deed if my dear one doesn't hide it from me. Losing...
  • Favourite program on Doordarshan

    Those who spent their younger/childhood days in the 1980s, serials and other TV shows are nostalgic - the sole source of visual entertainment in those days while staying at home....
  • Your most favourite book/story in your childhood

    Let's go back to our childhood days for a short while. If you recollect your childhood days, which books/story would you like to mention? Kids love fairy tales a lot. I was a...
  • who is your favorite music composer

    Among the list given below select three music composers you like and name at least two of the songs each of them have composed and the name of the film for which they have...