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  • Why no harthals & violence after demonetization?

    India is famed for creating chaos, violence and bandhs for silly things and political parties always back such activities. In the recent times too, following Kavery water issue,...
  • what would be an ideal weekend ?

    For most working people weekend is like an oasis , treasured and looked forward to ..Each one of us have our own ways of spending or enjoying our weekends. For housewives it is...
  • Highly touching Bollywood songs

    Earlier we discussed about heart-breaking film climaxes. What about film songs which truly touch our hearts and play with emotions? Most of such songs are highly philosophic and...
  • Heart Breaking Climax Scenes

    Most recently I watched Marathi film - Sairat with English subtitles. I watched it because of the good reviews and record breaking collections. But its unexpected climax is...
  • Main objectives to visit a holy place

    Case 1: There is a small Vishnu temple just near by previous residence. One day I visited the temple before 6 pm, as I hate crowd and also noise. I love silence inside temple....
  • I am getting 20 dollar claims from Boddunan members

    If is a big headache to me in the past three-four days, getting mails and notifications from Boddunan old members to claim for 20 dollars - in my personal gmail account. For not...
  • If you get 5 Crore rupees at your doorstep

    Today 500 & 1000 rupee notes are just papers without any face value. Now news are roaming around, money found abandoned in dust bin, rivers etc. What if you get a bag of 1000...
  • Withdrawn currency worth 23K Crore

    I have read in newspapers, the withdrawn currency (500 and 1000 rupee note) is equivalent to 23K Crore Indian rupees. Obviously Government is to substitute it with new currency....
  • Do a person's basic traits and characters change over time?

    It's true, the society in which we live deeply influence our characters and behaviour. A few things we gain and learn from our family, close friends,school, society etc, since...
  • Did RaGa standing in ATM queue needed so much gaga by media??

    We live in era of News flash and Breaking news. Politics lives in era of soundbites, media plays a role of cheerleader and not a watchdog. Did RaGa standing in ATM queue to milk...
  • Female Humming Voice of "Bade Ache Lagte Hain"

    • Answered
    • Question asked by Sandhya Rani
    • 2 years ago.
    • 3 answers
    Any idea? It's a unique voice not heard frequently. The popular song belongs to Balika Badu. Male voice belongs to Amit Kumar, Kishore's son and it's his first hit song.
  • did you get your new notes?

    • Question asked by Divya
    • 2 years ago.
    • 6 answers
    hi did u get your existing rs500 and rs. 1000 notes exchanged???? did u get the new Rs. 2000 note??? when r u planning to get it?? how do u plan to change your old notes?
  • Your last transaction with a 500 and 1000 rupee note

    It's a great, bold and surprising move by our honorable leader Mr.Modi to scrap the highest denomination Indian rupees to put a control on black money. Now new currency notes...
  • Live in relationships

    We find that at least in metro cities live in relationships are accepted although a few eyebrows may be raised in smaller cities. However, I have realised that most of the "free...
  • Some of the better made films in the recent years

    It is not very difficult to choose because there are not many that are really worth watching more than once...I personally dont watch many films in the theater . The last ones...
  • If elephants could fly.....

    • Answered
    • Question asked by Sandhya Rani
    • 2 years ago.
    • 6 answers
    I have once asked the same question in humour section of Boddunan and got some witty answers. Now many new members have joined the site and let me see how their response would...
  • Every dark cloud has a silver lining, but......

    There is one saying "Every dark cloud has a silver lining". It means, for every unpleasant happenings, there is something good waiting for you. Thinking so, such unpleasant...
  • Main criteria parents seek in son-in-laws

    In Indian society, less consideration is given to freedom, preferences, mental health and happiness of female sex. Once daughters are married off, most Indian parents feel that...
  • After watching a horror film.....

    Majority of us, including me prefer to say, "We don't believe in ghost". But what about after watching an extremely horror Hollywood/Bollywood film? Though it's unreal, will its...
  • There are many invisible colours

    Many researches say that cats' colour vision is limited to blue and grays. Same is the case of other living beings too. We believe that humans are lucky to see the 7 colours of...