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  • Best auction sites in india?

    • Question asked by Abdul V
    • one year ago.
    • 3 answers
  • What is this adhoc award??

    I was surprised at seeing adhoc award of Rs15 given to few members here on Boddunan and I am one of the recipients. It is always good to get awards and feels good but I was not...
  • When did the evil against good actually start?

    You can take any instance or moment of our daily life. For every good thing there is a balancing evil/bad thing. Many great inventions have took birth in the world for serving...
  • Andaman vs Lakshadweep

    • Question asked by arjun sai
    • one year ago.
    • 4 answers
    Does anyone have idea which is better for a short vacation ? Andaman or Lakshadweep considering all factors such as scenic beauty, cost for stay etc.
  • Favorite songs of actress Helen

    Helen is one dancer/actress probably loved by all ..She has had some of the most melodious songs picturised on her. Although Asha Bhosle was known as her voice , Lata too has...
  • what is your favourite movie?

    • Answered
    • Question asked by Yogita
    • one year ago.
    • 6 answers
  • Costumes and accessories used in movies.....

    Movie making is very expensive and it includes the cost of costumes, accessories, cosmetics etc.....I often think, after the film shooting what will happen to the costumes used...
  • Which state will you choose?

    Today when I went out for a shopping, I saw a poor person below 30. But I think he is affected by polio. Both his legs are almost disabled, and he walked with the help of a...
  • S. D Burman or R. D Burman - Who is brilliant/talented?

    If I ask, who is popular, most of you people will answer "R. D", as his youth oriented and it appeals youngsters even today after 40 or 50 years......He has also composed songs...
  • Why most parents deny to accept privileges from daughters?

    Today an old man of age 75+ came to our door to sell a local product of floor cleaner. He was very weak and I felt pity to him. He said, "My health is not stable now, after I...
  • Young impatient

    Kids of today are so impatient and they became restless if they can't search and find something they want, within a moment or two? Is it because people became more aggressive and...
  • Tharoor's support to "Swachh Bharat" campaign. Was it wrong?

    Tharoor - a man of controversies since he joined Indian politics. For his praises to Modi, he has received heavy criticism from 'his own people'. Most recently he supported...
  • For a blind person......

    • 20 Answered
    • Question asked by Sandhya Rani
    • 5 years ago.
    • 7 answers
    I have always given so many single liners in forum for others to decode like a simple game..... let me see who will give me the best answer for this one.... A few days back...
  • How religious celebrations are connected to you?

    Irrespective of religion, all celebrations give us a reason to smile - whether it's Christmas or Navarathri. It's nice to watch a carol in the snowy night like a colourful Vishnu...
  • What is the extend of our confidence to achieve something in life?

    Self confidence is good, it gives a lot of positive energy to move forward. But over confidence may ruin everything. It's nice to think positive before we take a chance. Yet, we...
  • Whose acheivements make you feel proud and happier?

    Your Kids or spouse? Both are integral parts of one's life. Yet personal egos very often make us feel jealous for our spouse's success. But it never affects our happiness, even...
  • Next Payment Issue?

    • Answered
    • Question asked by epraneeth77
    • one year ago.
    • 2 answers
    Can I know when will be the next payment issue from Admin? I want to know this because Mr Suni has asked me to wait till next payment issue for my payment to be released.
  • Why kids are attracted to animal fiction stories most?

    I really want to tell my daughter stories of Rajas, Panchatantra, Epics etc.... But she is interested in stories of animals only. I think all kids are so, they want to remain in...
  • Can parenting overcome peer pressure?

    I hear many parents of teenagers complaining that no matter what they do peer pressure ultimately takes over and their children succumb to bad habits...I have not had any such...
  • Is it good to make efforts or give up?

    • Answered
    • Question asked by suni51
    • 6 years ago.
    • 11 answers
    If some one gives up without trying his/her best, do you think he/she is doing any good for themselves? Or it is better to try to best of their ability, may be they succeed in...