What do you prefer to reach to places - drive, walk, cycle or public transport?

If it is a two wheeler, what is your choice a scooter or motor bike- Or you prefer to use a car for your all travels?

Or do you use public transport or a cycle to save the environment? I know walking is the best way of commuting short distances :)
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I prefer walk for nearer distance. And
For longer distance, I prefer for public transport.

I'm lucky to have my residence located in the heart of the city but at the same time far from the hubbub of typical urban din.
It accounts to the point that I reach my destination mainly by walk. All are within 3 Km. which i reach easily and effortlessly. Yes my walk serves two purposes. As you said, by walking i'm doing my bit to save environment. And it keeps me fit.

Walk is a nice mode of transport. If it's a short distance of about 1km or so, it's the best way. But now, even remote villages and public places are so crowded that nobody loves to walk in public. If it's day time, no option.
Before 10 years, it's not at all a big task to walk and shop afetr 10am. But now, climate has changed a lot.

I never prefer bus transport, car or bike is the best option. Yesterday after a long time, I travelled by private bus to town and returned back. I was so tired that I slept full day and night.
Sandhya Rani

If I have to go to some near place, I prefer walking for sure. In past I was using bike for the same but these days I mostly prefer to walk. If distance is more then I prefer bike;

And for long distance journey I use both public transport and car..

I am guilty of using bth my car and public transport for most of my travels since walking is no fun these days fotpaths have almost vanished and there is smoke pollution from all sides ! I wish we took care of these issues and made roads pedestrian friendly so that people walk more like they do in European countries.It is so much healthier to walk.I do walk short distance when it is a matter of going to thye ATM which is within half a Km and to the grocery shop which is closeby but other than that my walking is within my garden and in the park, in the evenings !
usha manohar

I walk some distance to reach public transport.

It decides on the basis of distance. For shorter distance I prefer walk or cycle and for longer distance I prefer public transport.

I prefer walking and I do walk a lot to nearer destinations but for reaching longer distances, I prefer either scooter or public bus!
Kalyani Nandurkar

The mode of transport depends the work and distance of that place. I will use public transport, scooter (or) by walk i will reach the place.

i try to walk as long as its possible. Public transport is second option for me.
Abhishek Sangra

Mode of travelling, really depends on the distance and the task for which you need to venture out. I wouldn't mind walking to buy two things from a near by shop, buy if I am going out to buy grocery items, will go by a scooter. Mode of travel also depends on the weather. Obviously would not travel by scooter or walk if it is raining! In case it is raining, I prefer car/or an auto-rickshaw.
Mousumi Ghosh

i prefer to walk generaly,but for long distance i prefer public transport


For nearer places I prefer walking, for some distant places cycle and for longer distances use public transport. Use personal vehicle in emergencies only.

Manoj Kumar Lamba

I prefer to walk as much as possible.

Sheetal Kumar N

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