Logging in after 3 years

I registered with Bodunnan 4 years ago but was away thereafter for a long time . I want to know if I need to re register to start earning points or can I just continue from where I left.  Also, will my previous points be taken into account?  

Category: Boddunan

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Since you have been able to log in without any trouble, there will be no issues with you continuing with this website neither is there any need for you to register again. Only thing I suggest to you is that there have been many changes in policies, etc so make sure you update yourself with FAQs, rules, guidelines etc. Also, try to participate more regularly in order to benefit from this site monetarily! Welcome back!

Lopamudra Thank you so much - Lopamudra - 6 years ago


You have already logged in and posted here so where is the worry...If you are active I guess your previous points would be considered but if you are on and off active, you may not be able to earn much here or for that matter anywhere else..

Lopamudra Thanks. Will try to be active :) .However, earning is not the main agenda here. The idea is to read articles and fulfill my own passion for writing whenever I get the time since I found the forum to be quite responsive and encouraging towards good as well as amateurish writing . Having said that,can't deny that it feels good to be rewarded..in terms of cash and points. Was away due to personal commitments but would love to be more active henceforth :) - Lopamudra - 6 years ago


I have seen your name in the online. Regular activity is the key to stay in the reckoning. Because you are not active, by all probability your previous points will not be added.


Lopamudra Thank you - Lopamudra - 6 years ago


You have logged in and posted here, so there will be no problem. You can continue with your ID.

Lopamudra Thanks - Lopamudra - 6 years ago

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