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Can i post the my article published here in my personal blog. I mean after my articles are published here am I allowed to link it to my blog either as content or as a link?


Written by Category: Boddunan 4 years ago

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No Divya, articles that you have published and been paid for by Boddunan cannot be published on your personal blog or any other website. Doing so would result in deleting your article and you will lose money. However, what you can do is use the same idea or concept and write another article differently for your blog. But publishing the same article is not allowed.

Kalyani Nandurkar
Divya thanks a lot. - Divya - 4 years ago

I had the same query as you have. But it is not allowed to publish the articles anywhere else once it is published in Boddunan website. 


You have given the right of your articles to Boddunan therefore you are not supposed to do that but if you still do that your site will be penalized by Google and if Boddunan detects that your article will be deleted and your account closed.


There should'nt be any problem with that ..However, if you have monetized your blog , it would be better to get the admins views on that..

usha manohar
Divya Thanks Usha. No my blog is not monetized. - Divya - 4 years ago

I do not think that you will be allowed to do so.

Sheetal Kumar N

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