Are Polls obsolete

Hi Members,

A week or so back I submitted 2 polls. At the time of submission it said submitted for approval. But till now i dont see it in the polls section and also I dont know if there is a place where I can check the status. So just wanted to know if this polls section is active or obsolete.


Written by Category: Boddunan 4 years ago

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I think you can't check status of polls. If you poll highest in a day than it will show at earning page.


@anil. I want to check the status of the new poll I created not  for the ones I answered. I don't see the polls I created in the poll section.


Polls are active. It may be due to some glitch in your computer


Hi I'm facing the same issue. I did it last week. But can't see it till date. I came to post a question regarding this and then found that there is one already. I have recently started being active on polls section, both for voting and creating. I didn't explore it in last one year since I joined the site.

Is it still active or just suspended like article submissions?? 

I don't see any recent polls being posted

Arunima Singh

I am not sure as i am facing the same issue.

Sheetal Kumar N

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