How I can post an article on this website?

Hello Boddunan Team,

I want to submit article at this website. But I am unable to post an article on this website. When I click submit button then I get an error message "empty solution not allowed". What to do? How I can post an article on this website? Please, help me providing solution to the same.

Thanking you,

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All your doubts pertaining to Article posting can be cleared .

Have a look at the bottom of the Home page of this site.

Venkat S N Can you be more precise, what is the actual cause of this error, "Empty solution not allowed", I have filled all the blocks, me too encountering this error. - Venkat S N - 5 years ago


Go to submit articles and follow the steps ..you can copy paste your already written articles and then add on. Ideally write on the article page itself and then format it ...keep saving it. Submit the article once you are done 

Venkat S N Thanks, Usha ji for the reply, I did the same thing like you mentioned yet I am getting same error 'Empty Solution Not Allowed', what you enter in sections like Keywords and Meta description? I did enter these sections too, tried to switch to HTML editor and modified content but same error. - Venkat S N - 5 years ago
usha manohar Once you go to submit articles page , enter the title and category and copy paste your article , not on html mode . Do the formatting on html and keep saving - usha manohar - 5 years ago
Venkat S N I tried both editors text/html but the error remains same, even while saving I get the same error, what do you enter in Keywords and Meta description sections? Do they need to be kept blank or we need to enter something? - Venkat S N - 5 years ago
usha manohar You need to enter key words from your article and a description of the subject you are writing on , which can be done at the time of submitting the article..if the error persists try sending a msg to the admin, he will set it right - usha manohar - 5 years ago

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I doubt if posting an article is of any use on this site. I had written an article and submitted it. It was approved by the moderator, but the admin didn't publish or credit it. I believe no article is getting published on this site nowadays as the admin is busy somewhere.

usha manohar I wonder why your article was not published along with other articles. Is there any message ? Or is it still showing the same status? - usha manohar - 5 years ago


i am getting the same message again and again. Though I have submitted my articles and got them published earlier, it is not happening now. I gives the same message again and again. "Empty solution not allowed". I am stuck and need help. Is there some technical error with the site. Even when I click save button, the same warning appears.



I got the same error message.


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