Women entrepreneurs can lift economy?

Women can contribute immensely but there are major barriers to women entrepreneurship were a poor network, initial investment and lack of information.Most of the respondents are unaware of any government schemes for developing women entrepreneurship.      

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Aditya tripathi

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In most cities banks and organisations led by small scale industries etc do conduct seminars and workshops for interested women where they are made aware if the various opportunities available to them. It s advertised in the local paper ..

usha manohar

No doubt women can contribute a lot to lift the economy. Of course initial investment etc are problems. But women entrepreneurs can overcome by knowing about Government schemes which are available for women entrepreneurs 


Women entrepreneurs contributes a lot in improving the economy. It depends on the society too how these entrepreneurs are given support. In our society, women have always played an important role in improving the economic conditions of the family. The society recognize their contributions. So they don't face that much difficulties while applying for loans from banks and other private investors.


For the progress of a society whether economic, political or social, everyone's contribution counts irrespective of their gender. However, being a woman is not easy in the society which has a male preference and the role of woman is seen to be very limited. However, time is changing. Government schemes are there to help and empower a woman entrepreneur. A woman has to fight the mindset and move forward. And before doing that she has to fight with her inhibitions, her mindset and find her strength and interest.   

Arunima Singh

Not a matter Is entrepreneur is a men or women but who can lift economy. Entrepreneurs are creators. They create new things. Trade which boost the society to develop in many way. The proper education is main for any entrepreneur. The government which should give importance to the new comers and stimulate the women entrepreneurs. The government should provide proper information and guidance especially for women.

M.Thamarai Selvi

I think any entrepreneurs irrespective of their gender, have the potential to make a massive difference to the economy.

Sheetal Kumar N

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