What happened to Boddunan?

I'm here after two years. I thought this site might become so big and i may not able to shine here. But nothing happened. Why? what happened to site? Especially no improvements in article section. Does boddunan working great or not?

Written by Category: Boddunan 3 years ago

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I feel that unwise or rather selfish use by some members, just to gain points has spoilt the quality of the site. Moreover, not having article submissions active any more also brings down the interest and enthusiasm of genuine members

Arunima Singh
usha manohar Looks like the admin has taken action against the said member ...now let us have some good topics of discussion here. - usha manohar - 3 years ago

That is what, I too am wondering. I

DINESH XAVIER Haha.. nice reply... - DINESH XAVIER - 3 years ago
rambabu Thank you - rambabu - 3 years ago

I guess too many bad influences including an addictive spammer spoiled the site 

usha manohar

The site is very much alive and kicking as usual but the only thing is that it has been a bit slow lately. I suggest you to be a part of the site as in the past and enjoying the process. 

Sanjeev Gupta Are they still paying to leaders of the week, top voter of the day as usual as it used to do in the past. - Sanjeev Gupta - 2 years ago

I was a member here from last 7 years and have seen site doing pretty well but suddenly they stopped everything so I left the site but again I have come to check the site like you did without having an idea how the admin is doing with the site. 

Sanjeev Gupta

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