Member of the week distinctions

What is the level 1 & level 2 leaders in member of the week? How is it awarded?

Written by Category: Boddunan 3 years ago

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How do you know that you were at #1 in position and got only 25? The system is automated and can't go wrong. Maybe when you checked you were on top but someone else got more points overtaking you after that! 

epraneeth77 True, my doubt is clarified. Also the slabs are clarified. - epraneeth77 - 3 years ago

The one with the most points is awarded RS 50 and the next five or four  RS 25 and the next five rs10

usha manohar
epraneeth77 I think that is not how it works as in the last week, level 1 leader got 50 & level 2 leaders got 25 whereas level 3 leaders got 10. I was on top in the last week, but got 25 as I am in level 2... - epraneeth77 - 3 years ago
usha manohar What else have I said ? - usha manohar - 3 years ago
epraneeth77 Samething. Thank you. - epraneeth77 - 3 years ago

I think if you are on the top, you get Rs 50, next 4 members get Rs 25 and rest others whose names are there get Rs.10. I think this payment is irrespective of your levels. I remember getting Rs 25 even when I was new to the site.

Arunima Singh

I am not too sure. I think this is based on the points and the engagement shown in terms of starting new topics, for example.

Sheetal Kumar N

I don't know. I too have the same doubt


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