What is the difference between Quote, Reply & Quick Reply

Hi, I always get confused between Quote, Reply & Quick Reply options available at the comment section in Forums, which option should be used for which purpose, can you please clarify?

Written by Category: Boddunan 2 years ago

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There is not much difference between quick reply and reply. Quote is when you want to respond to someone's post. You press on quote and you get the required post for which you want to respond. It is better you click on each one of them and try it out yourself..

usha manohar
epraneeth77 Thank you, I too found that there is no difference between Reply & Quick Reply - epraneeth77 - 2 years ago

I think reply and quick reply is same. Quote is to be used when you want to respond..agree, disagree or want to negate or support something from the post. You press quote and that copies the entire quote to which you want to respond. It is like screenshot in WhatsApp.

Arunima Singh

Quote is to respond to one particular comment. I did not find much difference between Reply & Quick Reply.

Sheetal Kumar N

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