Payment time

What is the time it takes for the amount to be disbursed, after the name has appeared in community payment section?

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It should be within a week or two.

epraneeth77 Mine & Anil's name has been appearing from 10-07-2018, I haven't received my payment & my understanding was it would take 4 to 6 weeks for disbursement, do I need to contact the support section or any other means or should I wait on. This is my first payment. I have furnished the Bank Account details through Support section. Will I get it into Bank Account or as a Cheque to my home? Kindly clarify - epraneeth77 - 3 years ago
Arunima Singh Have you received it yet?? - Arunima Singh - 3 years ago
epraneeth77 No, I haven't received it yet as on 01-09-2018. - epraneeth77 - 3 years ago


I am not sure and it might require sometime for it to process and get disbursed.



You should be wait, You may get your payment by check or in your bank. As I know admin send check for first payment, but I got my first payment in bank account.

epraneeth77 Our both payments are being processed from the same date, so I am kind of relieved as you got the payment last time & know the process much better Can I know if you remember, within how much time after your name was displayed in community section, your payment was processed? - epraneeth77 - 3 years ago
epraneeth77 Have you received your payment? - epraneeth77 - 3 years ago


In my Dashboard, the amount is appearing under Paid, but it is not reflecting in Bank Account nor have I received any Check, its been a month since my name was appearing, should I wait or take any specified action?

arjun sai You can check your bank statement for past 2 months maybe you might have missed? - arjun sai - 3 years ago
epraneeth77 I have checked, but I haven't received any Payment. - epraneeth77 - 3 years ago

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