Next Payment Issue?

Can I know when will be the next payment issue from Admin?

I want to know this because Mr Suni has asked me to wait till next payment issue for my payment to be released.

Written by Category: Boddunan 2 years ago

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I agree that although payment list gets updated when you complete your minimum criteria , the actual payment takes a long time and the admin has been lax about it , of late... however, so far there has been absolutely no issue about getting paid , so you wait ..

usha manohar
epraneeth77 Thank you for your response. Hope I will receive the amount in a Month or two. - epraneeth77 - 2 years ago
epraneeth77 I have been finally paid today morning directly to my account & not by a Cheque. - epraneeth77 - 2 years ago

How did you earn here? Are they still paying for the highest points in week, maximum number of polls attempted? 

Sanjeev Gupta
epraneeth77 Yes, both are active at present. - epraneeth77 - 2 years ago

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