Is boddunan still paying?

I am an old member of boddunan and left the site when it discontinued paying. I am here after 4 years  My question is if the site is still paying or not  

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Sanjeev Gupta
Shalu Joseph +1 I do have the same question guys. Please respond. - Shalu Joseph - 2 years ago

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It is still paying but only a few options are left to earn. I am close to reaching the minimum payout on this site in my one and half years stay here. I got my last payment of 1700 few months back. I have heard issues of delayed payments by few users , maybe because it was their first payment. But stay assured it pays. Though it might take more than an year or almost an year to reach the payout with the available opportunities. Lets hope things improve.

Arunima Singh

Yes of course it is still paying but the opportunities are greatly reduced to just two or three unlike before. Let us hope for the best ..

usha manohar

Yes, members do get paid.

Sheetal Kumar N

I have received my first payment today morning at around 9am. Finally there was some communication from the member through Mail & today I got the amount & Mail to confirm at the same time.

It was a direct Account credit & not by Cheque.


I receive my payment. Before 4 to 5 day I received an email from Admin about initiating payment and confirm from bank. 


Yes it does pay

But steady income is what you can make out of it.

roza mansoori

What is the minimum payout threshold? The FAQ sections does not state anything clearly.


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