Has the earning page not been updated in Boddunan since last few weeks??

I just noticed that earning page of Boddunan has not been updated recently. The last rewards received are from the week of 5th November to 11th Novemeber). I was just wondering what has happened to the site?? Is there some new update that I am missing?? Has it stopped paying??

Category: Boddunan

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I too have just noticed it, perplexed with this, top voter of the day was updated till 22nd November, but otherwise weekly till 11th only, hope site is not slowly stopping!

Arunima Singh I hope so that it is not. I wonder why no one else has raised an issue so far - Arunima Singh - 3 years ago


 Non Updating of earning page is not first time. So it is not problem. Problem is that here members are not active and we have not enough topic to discuss. It is not good symptom. 

Arunima Singh Hope it will improve in coming days. - Arunima Singh - 3 years ago


I have just joined the site. The FAQ sections still lists so many things which have completely changed now. I wish the admin updates this section as the new users like me always end up confused. 


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