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Would it not be good to lock a thread once it becomes old-say 6 months. It will avoid scam and lengthy forum topics..

Written by Category: Boddunan 2 years ago

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We try to keep the site clean as much as possible. But we let a thread continue if it gets interesting or educative answers. We close a thread as soon as we see it has lost its utility.


Yes,  it's a good suggestion.  It will work well for topics that are not valid after a certain period of time.  But there are some topics which might be interesting and are something that can be valid even after an year.  So they can be left open.  

Arunima Singh

It depends on the topic and also the scope of discussion...Normally here the moderators close a discussion thread after it has been discussed thoroughly and members start posting irrelevant posts .

usha manohar

I was of the opinion that when a forum discussion is of a 3 or 5 page length, it can be closed.

That will make the forum thread less in length and make way for new topics or same topics with different texted can be floated.

In this way, the threads will be easy to the eye to go through when required by either members or general other visitors.


It is a good suggestion and prudent too for many threads that that run out of steam in a couple of weeks. But there are also threads that can provide good discussion even after a couple of years or a few months. As and when possible, the moderators do lock such thread but keeping a track of every single thread that exists is a very difficult task seeing that everyday new threads are constantly being created. Also time is an imposing factor are all moderators are part timers and work at other jobs. The most helpful thing here to bring such threads to attention of moderators and requesting them to be locked can be done by members as and when you come across them. Just use the Report button on the thread and put note on why you have done so. That would help bring such threads to notice and can then be locked.

Kalyani Nandurkar

Yes it is a good suggestion, but if continued there can be different views and good better the threads are mot locked. 

fazelath Imraan

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