What does ULIP in mutual funds mean?

Actually I want to invest in mutual funds and came across ULIP..Please explain me about this...

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Anu_love is life
Asked 9 years ago

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Unit Linked Investment Plan.
Aakash Agarwal
Answered 6 years ago
Aakash Agarwal

ULIP is a life Insurance product, which provides risk cover for the Policy holder along with investment options to invest in any number of  qualified  investments such as Stocks, Bonds or Mutual funds.


Answered 3 years ago

ULIP stands for Unit Linked Investment Plan. These are similar to mutual funds but comes with insurance plans. Your money will be invested by experts of the insurance company in stock and debt markets (as you choose how much in each). Your money will grow/lost as per the stock markets and debt schemes that the fund is invested in.

You will be charged with AMC and other charges as per your ULIP company policies and also charge you the premium amount for the insurance you took.

Usually ULIP funds are locked in for 3-5 years during this time you cannot take out your money and has to stay with your fund. After that you can continue or withdraw from the fund.
Answered 7 years ago

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