how to save money for retirement

How to plan for retirement?



How to SIP help in retirement planing

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This is a good link and gives a lot of information. We have invested in SIP. I think you should post questions to be answered here. Your questions are coming up with answers in the links given by you. It is there fro both of your questions. They seem more like promoting a product or providing information to users. They do not fit the Answer section. We ask questions here.


Look if you are planning your retirement first thing to keep in mind is invest money if you are a salaried person. There is a 15/15/15 rule. 15000 rupees invested for 15 years at a 15% return is 1 cr. Now you should plan on how much money you can save and invest. The best investment if you want to play safe is an index fund because you bet on the top companies. If you are willing to take a little bit more risk then you can go for a mutual fund.


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