How to know which printer is best for home use? Laser or inkjet?

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Completely depends,
If you've to print many pages and you don't have any problem with only black & white prints, then go for LASER printer.

If you need colored prints and no. of prints are less go for Inkjet.

If you need color printouts and no. of prints are sufficiently large. then go for Inkjet with ink tank.Normal inkjets have ink capacity of 5ml. whereas Ink tanks have capacity of 100ml of ink at single refill.
Make your choice accordingly.

Its all depend on your use. I mean if you have more use of printer, then I would recommend that go for Laser as refilling it is much cheaper in compare of inkjet..

But if you have less use, then you can go for inkjet as they are much cheaper in price in compare of laser jet.

So you can choose as per your use. ;)

Laser printer is better for home purposes. Samsung is offering printer for less price.

I think inkjet is the best one for home use.

Inkjet printers have a low startup cost. But I use Laser printer. Because I have Artwork  for using for my commercial purposes. I need my output with clarity and crispness.





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