How to increase Battery Life of Laptops & Notebooks?

i want to know how can one increase the battery life & battery performance for getting good backup lasting for a longer time in Laptops & Notebooks?

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Yes i agree with maverick,

The average battery life of a notebook/laptop is somewhere around 3-4 hours. So whenever we travel or there is a power cut, we always want our laptop battery to last as long as possible. Here are few tricks to increase your battery backup:-
1. Lower your screen brightness as much as possible for you.
2. Decrease the speaker volume. If possible use a headphone.
3. Switch off WiFi and Bluetooth scanners if not in use.
4. Disconnect all external devices like optical mouse, flash drives etc.
5. Choose a Laptop power scheme in Windows Power Option, that turns off the notebook monitor and hard disk after 10 minutes of inactivity.
6. Close all processes that are not being used.
7. If possible, buy an extra battery pack.

Here is a registry hack I found over the net which states to improve the battery life. Paste it in a text file, change the .txt extension to .reg and import to registry

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Throttle]



Few steps would make your battery runs longer:

1. Do not set more brightness and contrast on your screen which harms your eys and consumes more power.

2. Put on stand by if you are not using it for more than 5 minutes

3. Bigger screens would take more power. 15" screen would be more than suffiecient for most of our needs.

4. Do not overcharge the battery

5. Do not let the battery drain completely. Recharge it once the battery level reaches below 20%.

6. Remove the battery when you are not using your laptop for many days.

7. Turn of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi if you are not using them. They will take lot of battery power if they turned on.

All the best.


I agree with Maverick........but their are also some specific instruction given in your laptop user guide............ follow it and install your battery properly....... In long journey try to carry extra battery with you



A little consisciousness is necessary for battery life and performance.Most of the times we do not observe these things which are the main causes for problem..please see the article...


I have understand the importance of some points to be considered and personal used and shared my feedback..HOpe it will be helpful





Just make sure that you are not over charging it. It can reduce your battery life.

You can use the battery for long if you stop not using feature. I mean if you are not using wifi and bluetooth, make sure that both are off this will on your computer for more time.

About graphics, keep your laptop /computer on low graphics, I mean don't on theme like aero theme in windwos 7, it is having more good graphics which can reduce battery faster.

To increase the battery life screen brightness must be decreased.

little consiousness

Limit the brightness of your system to increase the battery life.


Don't use a Screen Saver.

Run fewer Programes.

Reduce CPU usage.

Avoid maxing out your RAM



One thing i do is to use dim backlight as the main battery usage is on the display.


Don't keep your laptop connected to charger even when battery is full to maximize the life of battery


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