Is Wireless Keyboard more useful than Normal Keyboard?

I  want to know how effective is a wireless keyboard  in comparison to a normal keyboard in terms of performance & maintenance?

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advantages over normal keyboard  would be that you can use them from anywhere upto the bluetooth signal range, but the main disadvantage is that you are prone to virus and Aside from the fact that they are expensive, they eat up a lot of batteries, most especially the Keyboard.You need to change it every few weeks depending on your battery.

I prefer wireless keyboards and mouses as I can control from the sofa when I am watching movies on the PC connected to my TV.

ya it is time you go for a wireless keyboard and your computer table will look more neat.If u are a gamer i would suggest you to go for  LOGITECT G15 KEYBOARD they just rock.But the price is high it wud cost 8k-9k for keyboard.



Most of the time, you tend to sit infront of your computer and a wired keyboard is more than sufficient in that case. Even if you want to relax on bed and work on your desktop, the desktop screen would become too small to be readable.

Another side effect is wireless keyboard tend to slip from your keyboard desk and may broken if it happens more number of times.

So what I suggest is keep the wired keyboard for your desktop which is cheaper and confirtable. However, make sure you do not choose cheaper alternatives and always go for the best brands such as Logitech, Microsoft etc.


It is just like your tv remote you can operate from distance also. Which will makes you relax for some time.

Good for lazy people if you want to operate your system lying on a sofa

arjun sai

Wireless keyboards do give the advantage of fewer wires and mobility over normal keyboards. But they do cost more.

Sheetal Kumar N

Wireless Key Board is for comfort and easy workability.Normal Key Board is best suitable for a Stationery type of Jobs. Desk top is an example.



Every keyboard is same and has same functions. It depends on you what you prefer.

Aakash Agarwal

Well, it is having more cost than normal, but yes if you can afford it is good than normal.. With normal one can't use your keyboard with that much ease that you can do it with wireless keyboard.

As I have yet to come across a wireless keyboard I am not aware about it but I guess once my TV works as computer probably I shall be able to use it.

Wireless keyboard you can use from any corner of your house, and with normal you can't do that
fazelath Imraan

Wireless keyboard can be used if you want to use your computer relaxedly and operate the computer from different place in your home than sitting in the same place.


both  keyboard,wireless keyboard and wire keyboard useful. not any difrence between wireless and wire keyboard except wire.both work equal.


Both are almost equal and it depends upon your choice of preferance.



It depends on situation..if you want comfort Wireless keybord is best whereas wired one needs you to stick at one place...In case of mobility wireless keyboard can be used within the limit of a if any other signals doesnt interfer the performance is OK...Wired one will have problems of wired being damage after somedays of use.

However both are not having an disadvantages other then price..If you are fixed to budget wired one can be bough two to four times if any problems come which may not be possible with wireless keyboard and it should be handled with care.

Rajani K

I think wired keyboard is slowly getting outdated, wireless gives lots of freedom for the user. The computer will be used in another dimension by wireless keyboard.


Generally the wires keyboard is the best option. But if you have a wireless keyboard then the batteries (extra cost) are also required. 

Dinesh Sood

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