How can I protect my privacy when shopping online?

How can I protect my privacy when shopping online?

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Tips to maintain privacy while doing online shopping:

Shop at Secure Web Sites

Research the Web Site before You Order

Read the Web Site's Privacy and Security Policies

Be Aware of Cookies and Behavioral Marketing

What's Safest: Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Cash, or Checks?

Never Give Out Your Social Security Number

Disclose Only the Bare Facts When You Order

Keep Your Password Private

Check the Web Site Address

Don't Fall for "Phishing" Messages

Always Print Copies of Your Orders

Shop with Companies Located in the United States

Pay Attention to Shipping Facts

Learn the Merchant's Cancellation, Return and Complaint-Handling Policies

Use Shopper's Intuition

Be Wary of Identity Theft

Consider Using Single-use Card Numbers

Be Cautious with Electronic Signatures

Know How Online Auctions Operate

Understand Your Responsibility for Sales and Use Taxes Online



  • When you find a new shopping site, check it out cautiously. Where is it based? Read the ‘About’ section and make sure there is a postal address. How long has it been in business? Are transactions secured by a well-known source?

  • When you do place an order online, check for the security icons: a padlock at the bottom of your browser, a logo for a renowned security brand, and an URL that begins with “https”.

  • Create a new email address for shopping only. Your order updates, newsletters, and marketing junk will arrive here, so you’ll only need to check in occasionally.


  • Look for the check-box that lets you opt-out from information sharing. Companies which intend to pass on your personal information are obliged to ask your permission. However, sometimes they will display a box which has already been checked they’re just waiting for you to miss it and click ‘ok’. Make sure you find that box, and uncheck it!

  • When the shop asks you to create a password, think of something that’s a combination of letters or numbers – not an easy word like a name or month. Keep a selection of passwords ONLY for online shopping (so your bank and email passwords are completely different).

  • Pay with a credit, not debit, card. The insurance is better – your credit company will investigate and protect you against any unexpected transactions or losses.


  • Hate pop-ups while you’re shopping? Install a pop-up blocker. Internet Explorer 7 features a free blocker but you can download similar software from other sources too. And fingers crossed our favourite stores will say no to pop-ups very soon.

neetu jain



Most of the sites offering online shopping facility are now-a-days having secured ways for doing online transactions easily without any frauds. And regarding privacy of your personal information they will ensure whether you want your details to be accessed by third party companies..which should be selected by you..If it is not provided by site  in privacy and other condtions.

Avoid sites if no such details are provided and go for some top online shopping sites only..


Hope this helps.


Rajani K

Now a days many sites are providing secure online shopping it is better to know every thing before shopping.

Ensure the site is safe and reliable by going through their privacy policy. Generally famous sites like e-by provide a strong privacy.

You should have go for legit and famous sites. Almost all of them having secure ways and they surely keep in mind about your privacy too. so no problem.

go for legal sites only
Aakash Agarwal

Use legal and famous sites for online shopping. Must read privacy policies of websites.

Shop at secure web sites.

Ensure site uses https and the website is authentic and safe on basis of users.
arjun sai

See that the site has the beginning https, s means secure, also see whether Green Pad Lock symbol is there which means the connection is secure, if you click on the pad lock symbol and click on certificate information you can get to know the validity of the site till what date is valid.


Read all the terms and conditions carefully before start online shopping with any website.

Also, follow your banker's instructions carefully for using the online payment method.

Check regarding OTP (One Time Password) or Third-Party Authentication i.e. VISA Verified for your payment mode.


Dinesh Sood

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