Are you a member of any other site which provide you money for writing article?

Do you write articles for other sites also? I have joined this site some days ago but I am a regular contributor to indiastudychannel which provide money for writing articles, answer the questions, job posting, school submission, RSB, etc.

I want to know from the members is there any other site you are the member of and which provide money for contributing to different sections? Let me know, please.

Written by Category: Computers & Internet 2 years ago
Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala

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Survey sites are good means of earning. Global text market is one of them. I am with this site for long. Last month I recd 60$ from it.


I did not find any sites so I came to boddunan


There are several sites but i do not think that i can list any here.

Sheetal Kumar N

I am a member of few sites that pay for article writing. But the earning is too low and slow too. I think survey sites and forum sites are better way of earning online if you have time to invest. I can not list names f the sites as it is against the rules of the sites. You can Google and find out more. Even I am not an expert in online earning and am sticking to only a few sites.

Arunima Singh

I think Hubpages is a good site to earn along with Sportskeeda where we can register ourselves and write.

Based on the impressions we will get revenue.


No I just found boddunan

arjun sai

I am not on to other sites except mylot. Though it also doesn't pay much but once you post good content and respond to others posts there are chances you may earn up to a dollor there. 

Sanjeev Gupta

I am also a member of other sites to earn some revenue and earned a lot since 2011. 

Dinesh Sood

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