Suggest me good anti-virus s/w for next one year

Now I am using Quick Heal IS Essentials. I bought it last April for 800 rupees or so and its validity will end this mid-April. Can you suggest a few more good Anti Virus software below 1200 rupees per year?

I was not able to remove 'Sweet Page' and a few more such useless s/w from my program list using this anti-virus. That's why am searching for some better option. Is is it sufficient that I buy the same s/w again?

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I guess no new anti virus software will able to remove it either. Generally anti virus software stops viruses entering in the system.. But after system get infected they rarely able to do something.

About anti virus Avast is the best working for me since 5 years.. Actually I am using free version of it and I don't think I need anything more or paid version on it. Working quite well. still there is premier version available in 1250 Rs... Right now I can only suggest this one as per my experience.

Avira all the way, forever free.

I suggest you Kasper Sky or Avira.

I am using McAfee Antivirus from last 8 years. It is Good and powerful. It's cost is 500 /- Rs. for one year.

Following are also good.
Quick Heal

If your query for Quickheal is related to your Sweet page problem, check this link out,;=&gclid=CO3gi_PAqL0CFYyu4god3AgAOw&creative=34667273783&keyword=Uninstall sweet-page

Please do verify its reliability and authenticity as I have no experience with it and have only found it in google search!

Quick Heal IS Essentials is taking very load for system. From my side i'll give my first priority to Microsoft Security Essential. If you want to know more,Please let me know for more information. Gud Luck

m Mc Cafe is the best.

Norton and Mcafee are old established brands. Quick Heal and Kaspersky are catching up too.


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