Suggest a few free s/w to download video.

I tried with real player, but it's not working. I have downloaded Torrent. But am confused to choose one, if select a cinema - 1000's will be listed.

i also want to know if there is any free s/w to download full length movies of you tube
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Sandhya Rani

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You mean you want to download youtube videos. If yes, then try out keepvid site.. you just neeed to paste youtube videos's URL to this site and you will get the download link.


If you have Firefox, donwload this addon:

You can download any online video with this addon. Just on the video in firefox and this addon will let you download that video.

Check out this free Youtube download software. You can use this with any browser. I use this, it is very easy, you just have to copy the Youtube link you want to download into this software. You can choose from a range of video qualities.
krishna pramod

You have not specified exactly what kind of videos you want to download, but I am guessing since you mentioned cinemas, you will need to download bit torrent software

Here is one link from CNET which is good and reputed:

Maybe this will help you!
Kalyani Nandurkar

There used to be inbuilt downloading facility in U Tube itself. I had downloaded several videos using that facility. That has now been withdrawn It is unlawful and an infringement of copy right to download. Instead you may use the facility of adding the videos to your favorite list and may watch any time on any computer using favorite list.

I download my videos in picasa, for me that is best experience.

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