Which is the best free youtube downloader?

I earlier had Raga downloader installed, but then I changed my PC and did not need the downloader for a few months. Now when I am searching for it on the internet, I cannot find the Raga downloader. I found one called Freemake but it brought problems to my computer so I uninstalled. Can anyone tell me a good downloader which free and also safe for my PC? I use Windows 8.1 version.

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Just check this thing out. You need firefox browser for it. It is just addon. Any video you will play from any site on browser and this addon will give you download link for it. I am using it since long. Working really well. 


Kalyani Nandurkar Wow Anand! Thanks a lot. I have been using Firefox but never tried to explore such options. Thanks once again! Will try it out and let you know. - Kalyani Nandurkar - 7 years ago
AKP Yup. It works perfectly for me. You can ask me if you found any difficulty. - AKP - 7 years ago

I am not using you tube downloader because most of the downloders now-a-days giving some trouble to PC. I am using en.savefrom.net site for many years to download you tube videos. This site supports almost all video sites to get downloaded.


Keepvid is good.


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