What is a good program?

What is a good program?.I understand different programs require different techniques different methodology but what if a same program is made by different programmers. Whose would you rate to be a good program?

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Asked 9 years ago

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A good program is the one,

1. Fastest for a given set of system resources
2. Uses lowest system resources
3. Has enough comments
4. Extensible in future (if design is for s/w that lasts longer and requires changes propably based on Good design patterns)
5. portable
6. secured(interfaces are properly defined for restricted data access)
7.last but not least satisfies all requirements of customer taking into account the long term and short term costs to be minimal.

It must satisfy all the above conditions and give maximum profit to the user.


Answered 9 years ago


Nice question..but i wonder how come two people ask the same question..???

It is OK let me state my opinion..Inorder to know which one is good program some rules are to be satisfied..

1) Number of steps in the program should be less with effective coding..

2) Bugs should be less or NIL( through testing this can be done and the program which have less bug is more accurate than one with bugs)

3) Fast in execution.

All over it should work properly at any time without failure...if the program has all these things it is good program.

This is my personal opinion..they maybe more but i think these are helpful to find which program is good.





Rajani K
Answered 9 years ago
Rajani K

A computer program is a set of instructions organized in a way that if executed will give required results. A program should be simple, exact and give accurate results after giving inputs as required by program.

Gulshan Kumar Ajmani
Answered 9 years ago
Gulshan Kumar Ajmani

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