Is there any software or tools,so that we can identify our location?

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I usually depend on the web for satellite prediction and identification. These are the two sites I use:
Heavens-Above []
N2YO []
You can create an account there to store your geographic location. The site gives a lot of info about satellites, Iridium flares, comets etc.

I don't use desktop softwares for that purpose. However, if you are interested in trying some of them out, the following page has a list of some of them. If you do try some of them, please give your opinion about them.

you can add your own labels. This picture shows Ayodhya Mandapam in West Mambalam.

For  mobile

go to and download google maps with my location beta

for PC
use google earth


ya u can use Google maps to identify your location. You can also identify your location by using ur computer IP address and use the site


There are many apps regarding this available in internet you can download them.

Software and tools are there to identify the location of a computer IP address or a mobile. Anything which has a cheap can be programmed or hacked to find its location. These are generally used by the defence organisations or other special government departments or by the criminals .

WEll use your mobile or other GPS system. It will directly identify your location.


You can use google maps.

The Geo location service  is available on both Desk top computers and Mobile phones.



You can use GPS


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