how can i connect my laptop to my pc

how can laptop and computer be connected.
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deven rana
Asked 9 years ago

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Laptop and PC can be connected either through wired or wireless connection. If you prefer wired one you should get a Pc-laptop cable which are available in computer peripheral shop. In case of wireless connection if your computer has wireless connectivity feature enable it and also check whether you laptop wireless connection is enabled. If your PC do not have wirless connective feature you can get a external wireless device or can use a wireless router through which you can share Internet also. The price of wireless router would be around Rs.1000 which need installation in you PC as well as laptop. However the best option would be through wired cable as sometime wireless do not connect easily.
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Rajani K
Answered 9 years ago
Rajani K

Follow these steps

Insert one end of the crossover cable into the Laptop's Ethernet Port.

Put the free end of the crossover cable in to the port on the the to the PC's Ethernet adapter.

Click the window's 'Start Button' on the Lap top.

Click Control Panel in the Main Menu

Type Network

Double click " Unidentified Network "

Move the Mouse pointer  over the name of the Desk Top.Double Click to make the connection.

Enter a User name and Pass word.


Answered 4 years ago

Laptop and PC can be connected using Ethernet Cable. For this both the PC and laptop should have Ethernet Network Adapters. The local area connections of the both PC and Laptop should be configured such that the IPs' are in the same network.
Anbudevan D
Answered 9 years ago
Anbudevan D

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