Does Invertor AC work when power is off?

Invertor AC consumes less power. But will it work when there is no power?

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This depends on power of the inverter. You need to consult an inverter dealer who could tell appopriate invrter that could served the purpose.

Yes, it depends on the capacity of the inverter, this is decided when the inverted is installed in a home or office. You need to check this with the inverter dealer if an inverter can support an ac when power goes off. Out of personal experience, an inverter is less likely to support an ac when power goes off.
Sandhya Rani Hi Mousumi, am saying about latest 'invertor ac', which consumes less power than normal acs. We installed it a few months back (SHARP INVERTER AC), but it never works when the power is off.
a few days back, my mum also installed one inverter ac of same company. But she said, a few days back when the power was off, ac worked. The same day i posted the question here........
- Sandhya Rani - 8 years ago
Mousumi Ghosh Yes, I think you need to get in touch with the person who has installed the inverter...I just got to know that yes some expensive inverter does support ac too. So you better get it checked. - Mousumi Ghosh - 8 years ago
Sandhya Rani Ayyoo...
My query is about invertor acs. It's a new model air conditioner with 7 star rating. So less power consumption comparing normal acs and it works on an entirely different technology. It's almost 40-50% expensive than normal acs and this type of ac is known by the name 'Invertor AC'. Our AC doesn't work when power is off (we have already installed invertor at home).

My mother says, though there is no inverter at home, her ac works. She says like normal invertors, this ac charges while at off mode and can work for a short period like any electric equipment even while there is no power at home. I am not sure if she is right. How can it be? We searched many sites and shops before this purchase and no one told us, this ac stores power and works even when no power at home......
- Sandhya Rani - 8 years ago
Mousumi Ghosh Oh well, then I am not aware that inverter ac exists- i mean an ac named Inverter AC. Thanks for the elaborate description Sandhya. I am not sure how can a ac work without electricity, is it like a laptop, which gives backup for 2-4 hrs. This is something new for me.. :) - Mousumi Ghosh - 8 years ago

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Inverters are normally never connected to heavy gadgets like AC, Geyser,Microwave iron, ironing machine , Washing machine etc...Only a generator is connected to heavy gadgets , so even if the inverter gets charged it would be through a different coonection, but it will not run the AC since that would be connected differently when you get your inverter connected to your electrical system.
Sandhya Rani replied above...... - Sandhya Rani - 8 years ago

Yes Inverter works if the capacity is right but if your AC consumes 2 kilowatt and inverter is less than that capacity it will not work. The inverter should have at least 40-50% extra capacity to work properly. It is better to have a 5 kilowatt inverter for 2 kilowat consumption when mechanical operation is involved. AC has mechanical operation that takes far more starting consumption.
Sandhya Rani asking about 'Invertor AC' - 7 star AC which consumes less power. I am not asking about connecting ac to invertors. Does it work when power is off? I think now. - Sandhya Rani - 8 years ago
suni51 Oh that's problem of mech engineers, they only feed with their knowledge about their subject :( - suni51 - 8 years ago
Sandhya Rani Then, mechanical engineer.....give me a reply later.... - Sandhya Rani - 8 years ago

Depending on the capacity of the Inverter. The agent from the Company will check before the Inverter is connected


Depends on the powerof the inventr.


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