Best smartphone among Asus M1, Realme 2 and Redmi 6

Would like your views on which smartphone is the best choice based on your or your friends experience. Thank you in advance!

Written by Category: Consumer Electronics 2 years ago

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I have not used any one of them and so my answer does not come from my first hand experience. But two of my friends are using Redmi and they are happy with it. You can also search for more information and feedback before nailing it down. 

Arunima Singh

Redmi 6 is the best smartphone compared to other mentioned above. 


I had a good experience with Asus M1. Though at times the mobile gets heated up due to the abuse. I feel in the given models, I believe all the 3 smartphones are prone to such issues due to over usage or upon continuous charging. Samsung, I phone, 1 plus, coolpad, vivo have better performance over the above. The performance depends on the handset though.

Nipun A

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