Which is the best touchscreen mobile?

It will be my first touchscreen phone and I do not want to spend more than 6-7000 rupees, so which one fits the bill best? I am thinking of going for Nokia Asha 501, what are your views?
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Kalyani Nandurkar

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Samsung has many ranges which fall within that range and they are sturdy ...I have one Samsung Galaxy which I am using since a year now and am quite happy with.I too dont like spending huge amount on mobile phones and this suited my budget..
usha manohar
Kalyani Nandurkar Can you tell me the resolution of camera in Samsung Galaxy? In Nokia Asha, it is 3.2 MP and I want at least that much or higher resolution! - Kalyani Nandurkar - 7 years ago
usha manohar Kalyani, I think it is definitely above that of Asha, may be 4.1 in some and s.3 in some models... - usha manohar - 7 years ago

Samsung and Xolo are good touchscreen mobile with less price.

Honestly.. I avoid nokia Asha series because in same price in Android you can do lot more.I mean you can have more apps and games. But still if you don't do more things like apps and gaming then it would be okay.... If you want to experience android then Xolo a500s and Micromax canvas fun is good and its in range you mentioned.
Kalyani Nandurkar I was really hoping that you would answer my question! I am more concerned with being connected to either facebook or google and uploading pictures with good resolution. I do not need any different apps, so is Nokia Asha good enough for that? Or should I go for some other like Xolo...my budget is below rs. 7000! - Kalyani Nandurkar - 7 years ago
AKP I think the nokia phone you have mentioned is having 3MP camera. Xolo a500s is having 5mp which takes good quality pictures in day light. You will get it around in 6000 to 6500 Rs... And as you mentioned you are more concerned about getting connected with social sites then android is best in compare of other mobile OS.

I have used Nokia windows phone, but never experienced Nokia Asha series, so can't tell more about it.
- AKP - 7 years ago

Samsung S4 mini is one of latest android phone. I have bought this. Its touch and other features are amazing. It cost me 23000 rupees.
Ronark Bhardwaj
Kalyani Nandurkar That sounds really good, but I am willing to spend way below that figure! My budget is below rs. 7000! - Kalyani Nandurkar - 7 years ago

Every company touch phone is best. Samung phone is smoother to handle. Touch phone required extra precautions.
Bol Bachchan

For Rs.7000, or for a few more hundreds, you can get Nokia Lumia 520 which is the most complete phone at that price range.
[*] 4 Inch super sensitive touch screen
[*] 8 G internal memory
[*] 1 Ghz processor
[*] 5 MP Camera
[*] 512 MB RAM
[*] Windows 8 OS with MS Office
[*] 3G Enabled
[*] 1350 mAh battery which lasts for 6 hour apprx continuous usage[/list]
You can best deals online instead of your local store. Check out the prices on Amazon India website or on Snapdeal website. I remember it was selling for Rs.7200 on Amazon during GOSF a few days before.
AKP Hm.. Yes that's a good choice. But I don't think Lumia (windows 8 mobile) is that easy in usage. I haven't used it so far, but my uncle just transferred from lumia to Android.. so. - AKP - 7 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
[*] Price: About 8,000 (I had bought it for 13k)
[*] Android OS, 3.5 inch capacitive touchscreen, Camera is 5 MP with autofocus and LED flash.
[*] Connectivity options include 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS Navigation.
[*] Battery with talk time of up to 11-12 hrs for 2G and 6 hrs+ for 3G connection, That is what I have for myself[/list]
But if you are interested in a higher version of samsung Galaxy Ace then you should check out Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus

Now, in market various smartphone available. I purchase Nokia Lumia 520 for 7500 thousand. Work very well. At 7500, no other phone is available with feature that Nokia Lumia 5200 posses.

If provided unlimited budget, no touch phone equals the mighty I-phone. Its touch is sheer poetry and silky.
Abhishek Sangra

Right now Xlaomi Redml 3s at a cost that is reasonably priced.


Some of the Samsung phones are very good like Galaxy J1 & Galaxy J2.

Sheetal Kumar N

  1. Karbonn titanium s7
  2. Xioami redmi
  3. Samsung Galaxy j3
  4. Coolpad

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