Where to register BSNL complaint online (for cash refund)?

Till December 2012, I was using BSNL W-MAX for internet connection. Last December I switched on to BSNL Broadband, surrendered their equipment as well. So, they should refund the amount of 2600 or 2800 something. Now it's over a year and I am fed up calling them and inquiring the matter.

I tried to register complaint online through BSNL WEbsite. But they ask, existing phone number. If I give that previous id of W-Max, it gives message, no connection (already we have closed that service last year).

Is their any alternative method to register the complaint of refund, online???

Category: Portable Media Devices

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Complaints and grievances of customers of BSNL from Kerala can lodge their complaint here. But first you have to register. Then follow the instructions in the site. I think this link will be of use to you.
Sandhya Rani I have tried it in exactly the same tab to get the same results. Let me try once again and tell u later.
The problem is they ask phone no/connection. For us, the connection doesn't exist
- Sandhya Rani - 8 years ago
rambabu If the problem persists mail them or meet the local office and ask them to forward your grievance. It should be duly signed by them confirming that they received. Any how please let me know further developments. - rambabu - 8 years ago


First of all stop making call because they cannot solve your problem personally meet them at their bsnl office or sanchar hat in your locality.


Even I would advise to go personally for this problem. One of my friend was having some refund problem with BSNL. At the end after so many try he has to go personally there to solve it.
Sandhya Rani You and Dipu are right.

But as I am new to Thrissur, it's not easy for me to find its office. So, searching methods online
- Sandhya Rani - 8 years ago


Any refunds that you are supposed to receive from offices such as BSNL etc. never work online, you have to visit them personally as many times as may be required. Also I feel this is quite an old issue and your problem may have been solved by now, so please select the best answer and close the question!


My friend it won't work either ways...neither online nor when you visit the BSNL office in person. I have been a victim. I returned the device BSNL...showed them the challan or bill..but to no avail..they kept telling me to comeback the next day..until i gave up...so my 1000 bucks went down the drain. But I don't wish to discourage you..you can give it a try before you give up...good luck

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