How to connect Wi-Fi to my Samsung Television

Most recently I got a Wi-Fi modem for my BSNL net connection and I came to know that it's possible to connect it with my Samsung LED TV and use net. I have activated Wi-Fi in television and got the screen of search engine (Bing). But I am not able to type words in that window with my remote. I don't want to connect a keyboard there. Can you help?

Category: Televisions

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1. Press Menu on your remote and scroll to Network
2. Set the Network Type to Wireless
3. Select Network Setup
4. Select Select a Network
5. Select your Network Name
6. Enter your WiFi password and press the Blue button on your Samsung remote
7. Your Samsung TV will attempt to connect to your Charter WiFi
8. When you are connected select OK

What will be the benefit? Is it possible to any samsung?

Well, If you samsung tv have this feature, then there should be option to select the network. Just go for it and search for available wifi network, if you have one you can connect it easily.

It's simple. Do you use a router, if yes connect the lead to the router and the port provided in the set. In case you wish to use it directly then I am sure you have done it as there are so many suggestions there.

By the way, why you did not ask the local dealer about it? :)

I have no idea about it but if your tv support it,it must connect to your tv.

Well, I have no idea about it but by now you must have devised a solution for this.

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