Which from the following are your favorite James Bond films?

We all have our own favorites among James Bond films select any 3 of your favorite Bond films from the list given below !

1, Dr No

2, Casino Royale

3, Skyfall

4, You only live twice

5, Octopussy

6, The spy who loved me

7, Moonraker

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Casino Royale because that was for the first time I saw a Bond Movie and watching David Niven and Urshula so funnily I went to watch other Bond movies. I have not yet seen the one released with same name 8-9 years before.
But If you ask me Dr No by Sean Connery ranks among the best of all Bond movies for its theme and the way it was picturised. I saw it thrice.

For me James Bond is only Sean Connery. That was the mark he left on my heart. Dr. No is close to my heart. I like a particular acting bit that was repeated in several Bond movies.
After hitting hard on the head of the villain , he leaves. We think Bond has left the room. But within a second, he barges in to the room. Viewers will be under the impression that he had forgotten some thing. But Bond coolly goes to the table and lifts a cookie in the jar. Pops in to his mouth. Turns towards the audience and winks coquettishly and leaves.

All movies are good. According to me, best movie are You only live twice and skyfall.

My favorites Bond movies from the list are:

1. Of course Dr. No
2. Casino Royale
3. Moonraker

But my other favorite ones you have not mentioned here Goldfinger, and Brosnan's Goldeneye, The World is not enough and Craig's Quantum of Solace.

I like the casino royale in compare of the later parts... Previous movie were good but I like this one.

All movies are great. But, I like Casino Royale compare to others.

I like Casino Royale and Skyfall. I like them because Daniel Craig brought a new dimension to the Bond character. He displayed an emotional vulnerability which were lacking in other James Bond movies. He made Bond more human.

My favorite movie among the listed Bond movies are Casino Royale and Skyfall..only because I liked Daniel Craig playing the role of Bond. He brought a newness to the Bond character.

Skyfall is my favorite.


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