Windows XP or Windows XP Professional

Though the recent Windows Professional has more advantages than old XP version, I feel it takes more time to open and load pages.

Also the screen looks shrink while XP old version had a wide screen view. I am feeling a bit discomfort with new version, may be because it's for the first time

The person who installed the s/w also told the same thing - Now also people prefer old version than Professional. Which one is better?

Category: Computers

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Windows XP professional is a super set of Windows XP home. That means you can do everything that you do with Windows XP home edition along with few extra features like Remote Desktop, Multi-processor support, Automated System Recovery, Some additional networking features etc. If you are good with Home edition, better stay with it.

However more importantly, Windows XP support will be coming to end soon and Microsoft will not provide and patches for the security issues after that. I would suggest you to upgrade to the better and more advanced Windows 8 OS if your budget permits.


I'm using Windows XP professional ever since it has come to the market. Its functioning is perfect sans problems.


I have WindowsXP Pro in one of my lappys for some time now and I like it. I am still facing trouble with Window 8 but Ubuntu is perfect for me which is safe and trouble free that I have in my another laptop. But Windows XP pro undoubtedly is one of the best.


I have windows XP for last so many years and it has never given me any problems., I would prefer it any time over other versions!

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