Personal Charisma VS Educational qualifications - Which helps you more?

Is it enough to have a masters degree or does one's personality count as well...
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usha manohar

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Personal charisma. Without Personal charisma a person’s progress comes to a halt. There are several instances of people, who carved a niche of their own solely with personal charisma.
Bill Gates,Paul Allen, Neil Hayes are but few examples.
Yes, educational qualifications will help.

Well, personality surely counts.. And may be it is more than educational qualifications. I mean I have seen few people doing very good just because of their attitude and personality and way of talking even they have less educational qualification. But person with more qualification may not do the same without other qualities.

Both are essential in life one cannot be success in life just by piling up degrees or diplomas one should have a personality also to suit them. One cannot have a sucess just by having a MBA degree but not having good communicational skills which is all important for a manangement graduate.
Sanjeev Gupta

Educational qualification is in most cases a passport to entry in a profession or job but further success depends on personality, hard work and performance.

Being from private sector, in my opinion personality also counts but educational qualification counts more. Having charismatic personality is an additive advantage to anyone.

Good education and luck gives good life and job. Many people are working without professional qualifications due to luck. Many has qualification but they are unpaid or unemployed. Personal charisma works when you do public dealings. It is very important for working in marketing companies or films or modeling or politics, etc.
Devyani Sarkar

Personal Charisma and Educational Qualification both are very useful to achieve success. High Educational Qualification is necessary to earn and Personal Charisma attract to the persons to deal with you
Karuna Sapra

Educational qualification is required so as to make an entry. Further development depends on personal charisma. In my opinion both are equally important.

I think education plays a big role although not every one takes its full advantage. One who is gifted naturally can do wonders especially if he is educated too. Bit of both is must to succeed in life.

Both are equally important. Only high qualification may grab a job but it will not earn a great amount of success in the long run if the candidate does not possess a smart personality. In the same way dashing personality may convince some employers greatly at first but it cannot help to climb the success ladder without proper education. One can complete his/her work with authority only through strong qualification. Thus, for me both are vital.

Shampa Sadhya

High qualified people with smart personality can shine everywhere. They can reach in higher position. They know the way to succeed. They can deal the people in the right manner. They know very well, how to talk and how to behave in public places. But high qualified people with poor charisma sometimes fail to achieve their goals. Personal charisma is must for reaching in managerial level. Less qualified people with high personal charisma reach in higher position. Personality plays an important role in our public life. 

Jincy Aby

Charisma matters just as much as qualification.

Sheetal Kumar N

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