Why is it so difficult to accept mistakes?

Being shown mistakes are actually opportunities to improve ourselves, especially when it comes to language, writing etc. so why do people find it so difficult to accept when someone points out their mistakes?
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Kalyani Nandurkar

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I for one will accept my mistake magnanimously. The question of ego will never arise in my case, because i know humans are liable to commit mistakes and I'm a human being.
If someone points out my mistakes, i feel grateful to those who point out my ignorance.If due to any reason if I fail to accept the helping hand and fail to make amends, I'm certainly digging my grave.

It is easy to find mistake with others. But it is very hard to accept their own mistake. These people feel accepting fault in front of others will lower their prestige. They wanted to show the people around that they never do mistakes.

I suppose it is ego which prevents them from doing so.They may not even analyse and see how they are hampering a chance to improve themselves....
usha manohar

It is the conditioning of the brain during our growing up years which make it tough for us to accept mistakes.  The constant corrections, immediate reactions of people around us, being shamed for the wrong done, giving examples of role models who never erred and many other incidences happen during growing years. These instill a fear of making mistakes and getting caught. Out of all the emotions, guilt and shame are the toughest ones to be owned. So there is a hesitance to make mistakes and to accept it.

Arunima Singh

I guess our ego gets in the way.

Sheetal Kumar N

Some people cannot accept their mistakes because of their ego. All people are essentially ego-driven creatures. In some people, the level of ego is very high. Such people are not ready to accept their mistakes. They always think that they are always right. People with high level of ego can never succeed in life because they always follow the wrong and never accept what is right. Mistake is a way to learn. But people with ego fail to learn from their mistakes. Their life is a failure. Always remember that ego is a virtue rather than a poison.

Jincy Aby

Only for false ego some peoples don't like to accept mistake. If we want to improve we must be accept our mistake. If we do not accept our mistake how we can correct it.


I think Ego is one thing which hurts. No one want to see their mistakes. I really think you should keep on trying, even if you think that you are committing mistake. Mistakes teaches you a lot.

Ronark Bhardwaj

I agree not all people are open to accepting mistakes. However, I am open to feedback both good and bad. Learning from mistakes (if pointed out in the right way) can help us learn and grow.

Mousumi Ghosh

It is not true that people do not accept their mistakes. They accept their mistakes themselves and learn from it, but the only thing is that they do not convince others about it. It is a symptom of narrow mindedness and happens due to fear of losing their individuality. 


Because everyone tries to show himself as a perfectionist, now one will show his mistakes. Everyone try to show that he will never do mistakes, That's why no one accept mistakes.

Manoj Kumar Lamba

it depends on human behaviour for some it may be due to ego and some it is due to fear.for some that he don't want to be bad before others


It is very hard to accept the mistake,finding the others mistakes is very easy whereas the mistake is done by you,your ego never accept .


I don't think it's difficult to accept our own mistakes if we have an open mind and willing to amend them. Only people with narrow mind and belief that they are the only ones who could ever be right have the tendency to never accept that they ever committed any mistake.People who commit most mistakes do try to act as purist, nothing new.

Ego will make us not to accept mistakes. Even we have mistaken we wont agree due to ego.

Self criticism is most difficult. It is easier to criticize others. Your own actions are a result of your own decisions. Hence, it is difficult to accept mistake.

Due to stubborn nature, some people think they are always right and their ego and self - esteem will get hurt if they accept their mistake pointed out by someone else. They consider it as a prestige issue.

Its basically due to our ego. We all have some ego in accepting our own mistakes if someone points it out even though we know that we are wrong. Its really tough to do that and those who accept it are able to make improvements in themselves as to improve one self one should accept his/her mistake first leaving all his/her ego.
Sanjeev Gupta

There is a notion that someone who does mistakes are worst and inferior. The people who are always correct are the best. Therefore in any case be it in life or in writing language, some people do not accept their mistake readily. Moreover, their ego keeps them away from accepting or learning their mistakes.
Devyani Sarkar

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