Karl Marx termed religion as the opium of the masses

Religion has the power to brainwash people ...
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usha manohar

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When Karl Marx talked about religion, he said that it helped create illusory fantasies for the poor who find it as a means to escape from their daily travails of living. While he did make a mention of religion as an opium but that was not all he meant it to be, but in a more broader context than is actually understood, specifically with relation to Karl Marx.
But when think about the situation in India and see how fake godmen and godwomen make huge amounts of wealth for themselves from rich people who throw themselves at their feet, and even poor people take loans to be able to serve such godmen, Karl Marx couldn't have been alluding to any other country, probably! Or if he were alive and in India, he would have definitely said, "I told you so"!

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Kalyani Nandurkar

i am not believed in godmen and godwomen theory. All are simple men or women. But some person are differ from other because of their deeds. You know about Guru of Shivaji, Smarth Ram dass.

Karl Marx termed religion as the opium of people because religion provides a sense of illusory bliss to people from their social, economic, as well as political problems. In fact it is a drug because people are so addicted to it that they can't live without it.
krishna pramod

Every one has his own choice the way he/she wants to think, the reality remains that communists never wanted to make people believe that anything but communism could do them good. See where the particular thought took him to, it's good to teach what you think is acceptable to all.

The oppressor class uses religion to convince the masses that their condition is owing to reasons other than social order. Some religions assert that an individual's condition is linked to fate or prior life sins. Some even assert that poverty enables you to reach kingdom of God whereas it is easier for a camel to go through eye of a needle rather than a rich man to enter heaven. There are various ways every religion misguides the poor so that he reconciles to exploitation easily.

Karl Marx’s views on religion hold mirror to general human psyche. Man by nature is a comfort seeker. If he is convinced that salvation can be attained and the process of Birth cycle of life and death can be stopped, just by breaking a coconut at the altar of his favourite god, why, he will torment himself doing a painstaking penance or Tapasya in the blistering heat and bone biting cold amidst deep forests?
And if some middleman, who claim himself to be the incarnation of god lend credence to his own pre-conceived beliefs by false preachings , naturally, he opts for an easy way to attain Moksha. Over a period, he gets addicted to such beliefs. And this addiction is more hazardous than Opium addiction.

Karl Mar was indeed a great thinker able to foresee how religion would control human lives to the extent where their sense and sensibilities get totally overshadowed as can be seen now..

usha manohar

Religion is a matter of faith and should be just that.

Sheetal Kumar N

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